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SmarterNote app for iPhone and iPad

4.6 ( 4256 ratings )
Productivity Lifestyle
Developer: Proctele AB
0.99 USD
Current version: 2.1, last update: 10 months ago
First release : 08 Jun 2013
App size: 5.1 Mb

Taking notes should be really easy and thats the guiding principle behind this app. SmarterNote is easy to understand and easy to use.
Apart from taking notes, you can use SmarterNote to create a digital postcard, a diary with text and pictures, a photo collection.

Heres what SmarterNote can do:
-Create as many notes as you like.
-Create a text note.
-Create a note with text and pictures.
-Find notes by browsing the list of notes.
-Find notes by searching your notes for a piece of text.
-Re-arrange the list of notes.
-Select font type and font size.
-Take pictures with SmarterNotes built-in camera and include in a note.
-Copy pictures from your camera album to a note.
-Re-arrange note pictures by drag-and-drop.
-Remove pictures from notes by dragging them to SmarterNotes dustbin.
-Send a note with text and pictures by Email.
-Create note templates to make note-taking even faster. A few sample templates are included.

Pictures you take with SmarterNote are kept separate from the camera album. Whenever you like you can easily copy those pictures to the camera album.

Here are some use cases:
-Sending a note by Email is an easy way to send a digital postcard. When on holiday you might create one note for each day, with text and pictures, and Email the note to family and friends.
-Youre going to a nice restaurant. Create a note about it. Take pictures of the interior and exterior, the menu, the food, the wine bottle, your friends and yourself. And why not email the experience to someone?
-Plan the shopping. Youre going to buy new tires for a bicycle. Put the tire measurements into a new note and take pictures of the sides, the valve, the tread. Shopping for tires will be easier that way.
-Shopping research. In a store you see some item you might need, but decide not to buy quite yet. You could create a note about it where you write where you saw it and the price, and why not put a picture of the item in the note.
-Ownership documentation. Make notes about some of your most valuable items. Take pictures of the receipt and the item and describe it in words.